PBR 31 MK 2 Restorations


The intent of this restoration is to get two Vietnam era River Patrol Boats (PBR) back into the water to honor the sacrifices of our Vietnam War Brown Water Sailors.


In May 2003 I located the first hull suitable for this project (31RP7334). In the summer of 2005 I was fortunate to acquire a second hull (31RP7331). Both PBRs are currently dry-docked in Mississippi undergoing fiberglass repairs and painting. I recently found a small boat repair shop in Ocean Springs who is enthusiastic about restoring these rare pieces of history. Since returning to CONUS in 2007, I was able to transport some of the parts I had in storage to begin initial repairs and restorations.


Periodically I will post updates here so you can follow along with the progress by clicking on the links below. These pages will also be a great reference for molders who want to "super detail" their 1/35th scale Tamiya "Pibber". I broke the restoration sequence down by major station or component.

PBR 7334
PBR 7331
Engine Compartment
Special Features

New! How to build a PBR Gun Tub Searchlight Shock Mount!

How to build a reproduction Honeywell Mark-18 Mod 0 Hand-Cranked Grenade Launcher in 1/1 scale!