PBR Restoration Project
Reproduction Honeywell Mark-18 Mod 0 Hand-Cranked Grenade Launcher

I wanted to have a Mk-18 Grenade Launcher mounted in a piggy- back fashion on top of my stern M2HB. Unfortunately, a reproduction Mk-18 is not available so I decided to make one myself. (Photograph courtesy of the National Archives)

I started by determining what kind of materials to use. PVC pipe is ideal for the barrel but the body had me scratching my head. Thoroughly out of ideas, I decided to ask my wife for help. I showed her a photo of a Mk-18 and she told me it looks like a mailbox. She's brilliant! Luckily I had an old mailbox in my shed so I pulled it out and the project began.

The mailbox was too long so I decided to saw 1/3 of it off. I removed the lid and placed it over the open end of the box. The mailbox idea was great because it's light and sturdy. My plan is to cover the box with sheet styrene and add all the details with various materials, including a working crank!

To insert the 40mm barrel and lower handel support on the back of the unit I used my power drill and a large cutting bit to make the holes.

Just to see if it looked okay I placed the prototype Mk-18 on top of the M2HB and decided to call it a day. More planning is needed to continue the project so I will make a list of materials and try to find them at the local hardware store.

I wrapped the mail box in sheet styrene, held in place with Gorilla Glue. I taped the edges until the glue dries then I will add all of the other details. The handel on rear of the launcher is made from a plastic spray paint gun screwed into the PVC pipes.