PBR Restoration Project
PBR 7334 Forward Gunners Position

It's not much, but a start! Restoration has begun on the Mark 56 Gun Turrets. I'm replacing all the damaged areas with light weight aluminum so it won't rust.

The torch cuts are necessary to make them demilitarized and were a unique challenge to hide all of the damage. These turrets will never mount a real M2HB again so looks were more important than functionality.

Cleaning all the dust and grime from years of storage was my first step. I used a good degreaser and old shop rags to wipe away all the dirt.

Freshly painted Mark 56 Turret for PBR 7334

All these Turrets need now are the Airsharp M2HBs and armor plates added to the front.

Mounting the Airsoft M2HB .50 Cal Machine Guns was very fun. They run on 8.4v flat RC batteries and eventually I plan to wire them into the gun turret electronics.

I modified the M2HBs that are installed in the gun turrets by removing the grab handles on the rear plate and relocating one to the charging handel.