PBR Restoration Project

PBR 7334 Hull Repairs
Effective December 2008 PBR 7334 is receiving fiberglass repairs and new paint by Glenn Young Boats of Ocean Springs Mississippi. As evident in the picture this boat was run hard by the Navy and was crying for someone to repair her.
This hull also survived Hurricane Katrina.
All the old paint was stripped from the hull to begin repairing the fiberglass.
Fixing years of hard wear on this PBR.
The stern gets a new face lift...soon this PBR will look good as new!
Fiberglass repairs being made to the side of the boat to fix some worn spots.
17 Apr 09, the fiberglass repairs are complete on this boat...the excitement mounts. The hull is hoisted up and masked to paint the anti-fouling black paint below the waterline.