PBR Restoration Project
PBR 7334 Coxswain Station

Cleaning and repairing two Pathfinder 2600 Radar units. I could not find any operational 1900 radar scopes so I chose to use two working 2600 indicators. The 2600 scope looks very similar to the 1900 and should work fine with a 1900ND Radom.

Here is a photograph of a model 1900 indicator found in a PBR manual.

View of the coxswain station and access way to the radio room. Below deck you can see the zippered nylon wall separating the radio room and forward gunners position.

The armor plate surrounding the helm was fabricated using .250" PVC sheet. PVC is much cheaper, lighter, wont rust, and its easier to drill and manage then hardened steel plate. Once it is painted you will not be able to tell the difference.

A view of the control panel before restoration...in much need of cleaning and paint.

A view of the control panel after partial restoration...looking much better!

On 7 Aug 09 we made the storage lockers for PBR 7334 using plywood.