PBR Restoration Project
PBR 7334 Bridge

Installed on the bridge were the port and starboard running lights. These are made by Chris Craft and are now antiques. I was fortunately to find four of these on eBay several years ago that were never installed and were in mint condition with the original paint.

Reverse side of the running light.

The running lights I purchased only had the green lenses. Luckily I was able to find two red lenses on eBay for both of the boats.

On top of the light mast was installed a Infrared Nan Distress Beacon (also called a Nancy Beacon). These were WWII vintage and were installed on most U.S. Navy Vessels of that time period. Because I could not find one for sale I decided to make two of them using old interior ship lights. I had the data plates made from an original.

My reproduction Nan Beacons started with two of these naval ship interior lights.

A standard household light socket can be installed. I discarded the frosted lenses.