PBR Restoration Project
PBR 7331 Aft Cockpit

Assembling the the Airsoft M2HB to fit in the gun cradle.

Another view of the assembled Airsoft M2HB that will be mounted on the stern of PBR 7331.

Restored ammo tray complete with the issue tag dated 1954.

I made the armored shield from .0250" gray PVC sheet. It is much lighter than the original armor plate and much easier to work with.

The PVC armor shield attached to the M2 cradle. It looks pretty realistic and lightened the stern of the boat by about 50 lbs.

I purchased the Browning Pedestal Mount Socket from International Military Antiques. This socket is beautifully made and sells for a very decent price compared to other BMG dealers who sell widely overpriced M2 parts.

The nearly completed stern M2HB for PBR 7331.

The Mk-26 Tripod legs were somewhat of a challenge to restore. I purchased them from a surplus store all cut-up and none of the legs lined up or matched. So I gave the giant mess to my brother-in-law who restores old cars and is a welding expert to see if he could somehow put it all back together.

The end result was fabulous and the tripod looks good as new!

A pallet of various parts for PBR 7331s aft compartment. Included are two original PBR mufflers, stainless steel water cooled exhaust pipes, and the aluminum stern adaptors for the Jacuzzi Pumps