PBR Restoration Project
PBR 7334 Aft Cockpit

The Mk 26 Tripod was restored by Doug Mansfield, owner of the GI Museum in Ocean Springs, MS. Doug did a fantastic welding job and all that I needed to do was to apply a coat of Red Oxide Primer. Eventually I will paint the unit Marine Corps Green Semi gloss to match the boat.

The ammo can holder was also sanded and given a nice coat of Red Oxide primer to defeat rust.

The gun shield was also repaired by Doug Mansfield, who did another fantastic job welding. All I had to do was strip off all the old paint, apply some bondo, sand the shield, and prime with Red Oxide spray paint. Next I will apply a coat of USMC Green semi-gloss paint.

A shot of the primed gun shield and some smaller parts in various states or repair.

The freshly painted gun mount. It looks good as new!

Another shot of the completed Mark 26 Tripod and mount.