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Dedicated to bringing you the finest online resource for collecting militaria, scale modeling, and military vehicle restorations. Inside you will find detailed information useful to the collector, historian, and military modeler covering unique subjects from World War II to the Vietnam War.

This virtual library illustrates past, present, and future projects and is dedicated to American service members of all conflicts past, present, and those who will fight our future wars.

Owner and master craftsman of Brown Water Enterprises is retired Army Sergeant First Class Jack Carrico. His great passion for collecting war relics and modeling the Vietnam Riverine War is combined within these extraordinary pages.

  • COMING SOON! 1/35th Scale Program 5 ATC(W) Water Cannon Boat, aka "Douche Boat" See a sneak preview here!
  • NOW AVAILABLE! 1/35th Scale SWIFT Boat! See detials on how to order a kit here!
  • NOW AVAILABLE! Guns Afloat! An exciting new book about U.S. Army Riverine Artillery in Vietnam!!
  • NOW AVAILABLE! Waterborne Warriors! A wonderful new book about U.S. Army Riverine Craft in Vietnam!
  • NOW AVAILABLE! Swift Boat Photo Book!
  • NEW! Brown Water Warriors A new DVD about Navy PBRs in Vietnam!
  • COMING SOON! 1/35th Scale Hurricane Aircat Airboat! See a sneak preview here!

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